The Top 3 VPN Networks Out There!

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The Top 3 VPN Networks Out There!

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which is a geeky way of saying it hides what you do online. Confused? Let me help!
The internet is a suburban neighborhood where the internet sites are houses. When you want to log on to a site, let’s say to stalk that ex of yours on Facebook, you visit the site as in you walk to her house and stare creepily in through the window, stay there for a couple of hours and then walk back out. Supposing that someone wanted to keep an eye on you, let’s say your new girlfriend was suspicious of you. She can – with the right resources – stand on the corner and watch as you walk up to the above said house! (Boy do you have some explaining to do now).

VPN – Handy Usage

Here is where the VPN comes into use. Now consider, you had a tunnel, linking an inconspicuous closet door in your room directly to that unforgettable Ex’s window. No one can know where you went in the suburb, how long were you there and where you went on after wards. Simply put, a VPN gives you a safe and encrypted route to a server where any amount of data can be exchanged (i.e. Net surfed or downloads done) without the age old threats of hacking and infection by malware. This becomes increasingly useful in a world where someone can get hacked online and lose their life savings in an instant just because someone hacked into their system online and key logged their banking passwords.
Although some VPNs are available with free features, their uses are limited and to extract the full benefit from it you do have to pay. Yes my dear child, nothing is free!
So here is my list of top 3 VPNs out there based entirely on ease of personal use and cost effectiveness, just in case you absolutely cannot move on (wink wink).

1.        HideMyAss

This app does what the name says. It hides your ass! At a manageable 6.55 USD a month it gives you hide my ass logosomething that very few other VPNs do, UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS at fast speeds!!!
So there is practically no limit to how many torrents you can download and movie tickets you can avoid (Don’t be a douche though! Buy the Dvds! Support the artists). There is also the advantage of the L2TP protocol which makes it very hard to block your access to certain websites.


2.      Private Internet Access

Although the title sounds a bit pretentious and something a unicle wearing, pipe smoking spoiled brit private internet access logowould use, the application does have some merit worthy of mention. Its safer to use since you never log in to anything, not even the company itself can know when you logged on and where you went! Baring some CIA level resources, no one will know what you’ve been up to.
The other perk it offers is the ability to use up to 5 different devices simultaneously! All that a very comfortable 3.33 USD a month.


3.      NordVPN

Widely regarded as the most advanced VPN service out there and my personal preference, this app does more than most when it comes to anonymous online activity!
Apart from not requiring log-ons. The company is based in Panama which has ZERO laws regarding nord vpndata retention meaning they cant be made to reveal your identity (Yes it is a tax haven and a data haven). Other than that, they have have over 80 servers in 27 different countries meaning access is always guaranteed! The beauty of this vast a server network means that you can use this app for the purpose needed and then if required switch the settings! For example, you can download that new Beyoncé album by switching to a server with better speeds (at the expense of anonymity) and then you could use their Tor feature to send all your data through the deep dark web (Yes that is an actual thing which is both frightening and magical at the same time).

All this comes down to reasonable price range of as little as 48 USD for the whole year! Affordable, adaptable and reliable, basically the 3 things technology is supposed to be.

Use Free Trial to Find Which One Suits Your Needs

I would like to mention that most if not all of these sites do offer a free trial feature which should always be used to see if works for the individual or not. Try them out, find the one you like and live in the magical place where the internet is truly anonymous and markedly safe.

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