Desktop Management Software

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Desktop Management Software

What is this mystical thing? Suppose you have a job or a hobby that requires you to use multiple computing stations. You do your research at home, go deliver a lecture and while at lunch you want to update something on your home PC.
How do you do the above without driving all the way home?

The solution is provided by desktop management software that allows one user to access and potentially control multiple PCs.

Here are our picks of some really good pieces of coding:

Windows Intune

windows intune picture
Unless your dad is a ‘Columbian drug lord’, odds are that you don’t use Mac and instead prefer the Windows as your choice of operating system.
Keeping the wide spread use of their windows platform in mind, Microsoft released this software in late 2011 to allow better micromanagement of work PCs.

The software allows system admins to monitor connected PCs on web based platform. The information delivered is similar to System Center Configuration Manager.

Giving admins ability monitor security policies of individual systems and to disseminate applications to the same PCs, it seems an ideal fit for set ups comprising of around 25-50 PCs.

The advantage is that the system is ideal for small firms and home place work stations. The disadvantage is that it lacks scalability meaning it is undesirable for large companies, just like my resume!


Integrated Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software

Officially described as “integrated desktop and mobile device management software that helps in managing servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location”, the application is a wonder of modern management software.

“From a central location” admins can in theory do a lot to a lot of different platforms.
Supported platforms include PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Where admins can manipulate a lot from trivial actions like rebooting a system and troubleshooting to complex actions like Patch management and asset control.

The advantage of this software is the whole sale compatibility it offers. It is available on windows, iOS and android and all of the devices you can possibly have for work purposes.
The disadvantages is the complexity of the software, meaning your average IT diplomat won’t be able to make the best use of this software.
Remote Desktop Manager

remote dekstop manager
With its version 11.5, this staple of remote PC management provides users with a lot of new utilities.
Improvements such as Integrated Dashlane credential entry and Beyondtrust connection type support.

Perhaps the best perk of this app is the ease of deployment and speed. The developers claim the software can be set up, integrated and used within a couple of hours. Given the complexity of today’s commercial computer networks, this feature is a goodsent!

Other worthwhile features include an awesome cross platform utility meaning that one pretentious dude in the office that uses iOS won’t be that much of a problem.

The drawback is, the simplicity and lack of scalability for large firms, but for your average small network, this is ideal.
So that’s our top 3 picks for Desktop management software. Other notable software includes which is also good for small businesses and home uses but the problem with it is limited support and monthly subscription fees. These fees keep it off our list of top 3 but it is still a worthwhile software solution if paying a fixed amount every month is not the issue for your firm.

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