Best Phones for Streaming Movies | Quality & Winners

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Best Phones for Streaming Movies | Quality & Winners

Buying a cellphone that is compatible with the fast paced world as well as caters to all your needs is of the utmost importance.Today, our Global Village is moving so rapidly that at times it becomes difficult to keep track of everything but we somehow manage, thanks to the electronic gadgets available in the market. Amongst preferred qualities; widescreen, high definition video playing, large RAM and long battery life are the key aspects of luring buyers in!

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With the discovery of new cutting edge technology every few days, the mobile industry is spitting out bigger, better and newer models of mobiles. Customers are presented with thousands, nay millions of mobile phones of different companies in various designs and colors. Offering multitudes of features that range from impressive camera functions to gamer worthy processors and high definition display.

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This article focuses on Best Phones that host great movie streaming features whether it be a good processor, screen resolution or media compatibility.

We’ve gone through hundreds of reviews and descriptions to orchestrate this list thus the mobile phones enlisted are famous for having high definition screen display, making them ideal for movie watching. They can also be connected through the HDMI cables with larger screens to make the whole incidence of movie watching refreshing and desirous.

So without further ado, here’s what we’ve compiled;

Samsung Galaxy S7

The latest addition in the Samsung family, Samsung Galaxy S7 is a blend of all the great features anointed in Galaxy S5 and S6. Having no doubt of its superiority over all other smart phones available in the market, as it has a 5.1” display screen. Hence, it is the ideal phone for all the movie fanatics out there. Boasting a 93% score on Review Gist, Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best gadget out there to enjoy the full HD experience of movie watching.



With 1080 x 1980 HD Resolution, warp speed, damage resistant screen and long battery life, HTC ONE M8 is all the rage presently. Built with Dual-Front facing HTC Boomsound speakers, HTC ONE M8 brings to its customers a unique experience that cannot be easily topped and thus is dubbed as having “No Parallels”. Other perks of owning an HTC phone is their free cracked screen replacement, personally designed applications and the ability to snap the perfect photos with UFocus.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is what some might consider “The more impressive” version of Samsung Galaxy S7.


movies smartphoneWith a 5.5 inches dual-edge display, Android OS, v6.0 Marshmallow, it has just the edge to take you to Movie fanatic’s Nirvana. With 3600.0 mAh of battery life and applications are unsuccessful in sucking out your battery life, making it easier for you to have long movie marathons.



Designed with keeping in view the device’s battery life, 3D display, metallic design and 5.3” screen, LG G5 is taking innovation to next level. Streaming movies at 1080p in high definition is something that LG G5 seems to be a pro at. Furthermore it has 87% score under its belt from GadgetDetected, which is great if we say so ourselves.

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Huawei Nexus 6P

Having the biggest 5.7″ WQHD AMOLED display amongst the smart phones, Huawei Nexus 6P seems to be the winner at present. Not only because of its larger display area but the quality of content as well since it offers 518 pixels per inch display. Huawei Nexus 6P is compatible with all file formats making it ideal for playing various types of videos. But the selling point for Huawei is its top of the line specs that are available at such low prices.


With these credentials to bag home to, all of these phones are truly the Best Phones for Streaming Movies right now.

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