Best Movie Songs | Theme & Love

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Best Movie Songs | Theme & Love

Do you agree with me when I say that online movies and songs are inseparable? Well, you might be thinking about my statement, but before you overthink let me ask you a question. Could you single out at least three top free movies that have no songs in them? I know you are scratching your head while you think about it but let me save you the trouble of doing so, the answer is basically none. I mean, there is no way a movie will never have a song in it. They go hand in hand; as a matter of fact, some people get attracted to free movies streaming simply because of the songs in those movies.

Songs play such an important role in movies, and this is something that will continue happening for a very long period of time. Songs can make a sad movie appear even sadder and a horror movie even scarier. The combination of sound and moving images is so natural and operates very effortlessly while bringing such a perfect outcome. With all that having been said, I hope you don’t mind going through my compilation of some of the streaming movies with the best songs ever.

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I believe you all remember Goodfellas;  this was not just another average movie. It is alleged that Martin Scorsese played ‘Layla’ as the scene it wound end up sound tracking was being filmed. This movie perfectly used all the song selections to comment on the scenes in which they are featured. Tony Bennett’s song, ‘Rags to Riches’ sets the tone for the whole story. Cream’s warning  that‘ it is getting near dark’ is expressed by the song ‘Sunshine of your Love’ as Jimmy was contemplating about killing his crew. All the tunes in this movie have been used at the right moment, and this is why I consider this as one of the movies with the best songs ever.

Best Movie Theme Songs – Detroit Rock City

Detroit Rock City, this was a favorite for everyone. As a matter of fact, if you had not watched this movie then you could be considered as ‘out-dated.’ This movie was basically about four young teenagers Hawk, Lex, Trip and Jam who experienced a lot of misadventures in their pursuit to see KISS which was their favorite rock band. best theme movies detori rock city

Teenagers could be cheeky at times and are known to be relentless in achieving what they have set their minds to achieve. These teens loved Rock music and were aspiring to be musicians in the future. The songs that were used in this movie really did a great job to capture what they had to go through to achieve their objective. The songs including ‘Detroit’ ‘Rock City,’ ‘Rebel Rebel,’ ‘Iron Man’ are very effective in making the movie a success.

Did you ever watch ‘A Clockwork Orange’? If you didn’t, then you missed a lot. This movie used a lot of traditional classical music, and it was very effective indeed. I believe you can remember the renditions of Purcell and clockwork orangeBeethoven works that Walter Carlos used synthesizers to perform. Those enchanting melodies and amazing tones were effective in setting the viewers deeply into Alex’s world together with his droogs while terrorizing a dystopian in England. Stanley Kubrick, who directed this movie made the movie story of the movie more effective by making it somehow more horrifying. His decision to close the movie by playing ‘Singing in the Rain’ which is the same song that Alex sang when torturing the suburban couple in their house plays an effective in getting in a little horrifying wink at the close of the film.

We all remember Whitney Houston; let me not assume things but I believe Whitney Houston should be known to most of us who love quality music. A lot of Whitney’s songs were used in various online movies and were very effective. ‘How is Whitney connected to the topic of discussion?’ You may ask. The Bodyguard, what a movie that was? This is a movie that I can watch over and over again and still feel like I could watch it and not get bored. A great movie indeed, right? The main soundtrack of this movie, ‘I will Always Love You,’ which was Whitney’s song won various titles including the Record of the Year Grammy. This movie incorporated other songs as well including ‘I Have Nothing’,’ I’m Every Woman’, ‘Queen of The Night’ among others. This combination of songs might appear ridiculous right? This movie succeeded largely because of Whitney Houston, a timeless diva you movie theme songs

Danny Boyle, what comes to your mind when I mention that name? Trainspotting, right? Indeed Trainspotting was a movie like no other. I even think we will have to wait for quite a while to be able to have such a movie with us again. I mean, this movie has all the aspects that you expect a real movie to have.This is the perfect example of how a real movie should be. This movie starts very brilliantly: two junkies running down a street in Edinburg with stolen goods and the police pursuing them.  Iggy Pop’s sex and drugs anthem ‘Lust for Life’ has been perfectly used in this movie.

All the other songs including, ‘Born Slippy’, ‘Deep Blue Day’ by Brain Eno, ‘Tempatation’ by New Order were very effective in making sure this movie was a success. All those tunes succeeded in commanding your attention as much as the awesome and acting and desperate situations happened on the screen.


Did I Nailed it? 🙂

What do you have to say about my compilation? I believe you agree with me that these are some of the movies that have used music perfectly well to make the movie very nice. Well, I believe not all of you will agree with me 100%, but I believe that a majority of you agree with my list.  You know, they say one man’s meat is another man’s poison; I want to believe that I have poisoned very few people with my compilation as for as fact, these are the universally accepted movies with the best songs ever. Creativity is something that is very vital in making sure that the movies blend in well with the songs used and I believe even better movies with even better songs are yet to come. All I can say to the actors and movie producers is, the sky is the limit.

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