Top 10 Best TV Shows Ranked by IMDB (2018)

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Top 10 Best TV Shows Ranked by IMDB (2018)

IMDb announced the most popular TV series for 2018. Top of the list is the fantasy series The Game of Thrones, followed by 13 Reasons Why and The Walking Dead. The top 10 tv shows (2018) rankings are based on the ratings from the movie based audience, by ratings.

Top 10 of the most popular TV series for 2018

1. Game of Thrones

Even with only seven episodes in 2017, Game on Thrones retains its first place for the sixth consecutive year. The final episode The Dragon and the Wolf attracts a record 16.5 million viewers on the night when the tv show was released. He became the most watched episode in the series’ history. The eighth season is likely to be broadcast in 2019, so in the next 2018, his reign may be broken in the first place.

2. 13 Reasons Why

The teen drama is based on Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why. It has sparked a number of controversy and comments on issues that are concerned with the series. After the successful first season, it was renewed for the second in 2018 with a further 13 episodes.

3. The Walking Dead

Produced by Frank Darabant and based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlord, the story develops after apocalypse, after which survivors are few. Blood drama The Walking Dead keeps the audience’s interest even in its 8 season, even though their number has declined in the past two years. Pro tip: Read more on how to watch the entire 8 season of Walking Dead online free.

4. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an animated television series for adults created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roeland. This year was the third season and the expectations are to be renewed for the fourth.

5. Stranger Things

The show was loaded with great expectations after the successful first season and he totally justified them. The action took place in the 1980s, when residents of the tranquil settlement of the city have been confronted with mysteries and horrors. New images are introduced and the boundaries of the action are expanded. Not surprisingly, Weird Things are back with a third season.

6. Vikings

The historic Viking show looks more and more epic as the new fifth season is increased to 20 episodes. The main actors are the sons of Ragnar Lodbrock, whose fate is traced back to the complex historical relationships of Scandinavia and England in the Middle Ages.

7. American Gods

Based on the novel of Neil Gaiman, American Gods, a visually stunning and extremely bloody history of the battle for influence and power between old and new gods develops. Renewed for the second season we expect in 2018

8. American Horror Story

From 2013 Creepy Family History is present in the top 10 of the most popular TV series. Every season of the horror series tells a separate story. This year’s topic was related to America’s presidential election. It is quite logical to have a new season.

9. The Defenders

Of all the superhero series, The Defenders is the only one in the rankings. The series is part of Marvel’s Cinemax.

10. Taboo

Tom Hardy has played a major role in the historic drama series titled Taboo. The action unfolds in the nineteenth century. The atmosphere is bleak and bloody. The second season is scheduled for 2018.

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